24 juni Annual BMS-ANed Spring Meeting 2016

31st of May 2016
5 excellent speakers • Hans van Houwelingen Award • BMS-ANed annual meeting     Read more...

Pictures of the Annual Meeting 2016

9th of May 2016
  Check out the pictures of the Annual Meeting 2016! You can find them here:  Read more...

Place your vacancy for free on

3rd of May 2016
  From now on VvS-OR will place vacancies for free on the website. The advertisement rate (e.g. course announcements) is lowered to €200.  Read more...

Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders - call for abstracts

20th of April 2016
Submit your abstract and participate to the Second Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, that will be held in Budapest, 20-21, October 2016. Read more...

General Members Meeting Documents online!

4th of March 2016
To see the documents, make sure you have login information. Please find the documents at: Read more...

The Role of Statistics in Data Science

22nd of February 2016
Click here to register for the March 17 Annual Meeting on the Role of Statistics for Data Science. Read more...

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A word from the president

More and more people are involved in the every day use of analyses in statistics and operations research has due to the growth of quantification of strategy and results,  the tremendous growth in data collection, and the gain in computational power by computers. These developments increase the importance of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VvS+OR) since we "pursue to improve the  sound application and study of statistics, operations research, and complementary developments in mathematics in service of science and society."

To attain that goal we, the VvS+OR,  have put a new strategy into action. The start of a special division for our young members, the appointment of a student-member in the board of the society and (some of) the sections is part of our strategy to become  known among students, young professionals and researchers in there area of statistics and operations research. Second, to keep up with the increasing amount of international members and partners our default written language will become English. However, at some situations we recognize that English could worsen the communication. At those situations will stay using Dutch as default. Last new plan of strategy is to increase our contacts with the Government (at Dutch and European level) to persuade them of the importance of sound application and study of statistics, operations research in service of science and the society

Of course we stick to our traditional activitities which have been proven to be a succesful services to our members. Each section of the VvS+OR offers at least twice a year a meeting for their  subscribed members. Furthermore all society members receive news via e-mail, and can receive four times a year the professional journal STAtOR, and the scientific journal Statistica Neerlandica or OR Spectrum. Last (even though there is a lot more), every year all members meet each other on the annual meeting of the VvS+OR.

Are you interested and not (yet) a member of the society? We hope to welcome you as a member of the VvS+OR!

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. dr. Jacqueline Meulman
President of the VvS+OR




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Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders

Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
20th of October 2016 - 21st of October 2016 Read more...

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