24 juni Annual BMS-ANed Spring Meeting 2016

31st of May 2016
5 excellent speakers • Hans van Houwelingen Award • BMS-ANed annual meeting     Read more...

Pictures of the Annual Meeting 2016

9th of May 2016
  Check out the pictures of the Annual Meeting 2016! You can find them here:  Read more...

Place your vacancy for free on

3rd of May 2016
  From now on VvS-OR will place vacancies for free on the website. The advertisement rate (e.g. course announcements) is lowered to €200.  Read more...

Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders - call for abstracts

20th of April 2016
Submit your abstract and participate to the Second Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, that will be held in Budapest, 20-21, October 2016. Read more...

General Members Meeting Documents online!

4th of March 2016
To see the documents, make sure you have login information. Please find the documents at: Read more...

The Role of Statistics in Data Science

22nd of February 2016
Click here to register for the March 17 Annual Meeting on the Role of Statistics for Data Science. Read more...

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About STAtOR

The Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VvS+OR) has launched its latest regular journal STAtOR in April 2000. Few people will have trouble to explaining where its name comes from. Statistics and Operational Research hope that the name STAtOR will honor as the solid, binding element in the dynamic life of the society as a substitute of the VvS+OR bulletin.

The last  VvS+OR Bulletin dates from the end of the year 1999. Its function as newsletter, which it served in an excellent manner for 32 years, came to an end naturally in the new computer age. Announcements appear on higher frequency by e-mail and are easily accessible on the VvS+OR website. However, over the years, the VvS+OR bulletin had become the most read publication by members of the society. It kept abreast the members of each other's activititiest and the happenings in the society.

STAtOR reproduces the latter function in a contemporary manner. A wish, who had long lived in parts of the society, has been fulfilled this way. STAtOR has become a new and attractive periodically issue with  journalistic-style articles on interesting applications and developments in statistics and operations research and background information on institutions and individuals from these disciplines. The signals indicate that STAtOR for VvS+OR members, but also within interested companies in statistics and operations research, provides fun for reading and serviceable information. Partly on the basis of these comments STAtOR has become a journal to be proud off.

The Board of the VvS+OR.


STAtOR issues

By post, each member of the society will be sent the new STAtOR issue. The VvS+OR site mantains a digital archive of all STAtOR issues. For the open STAtOR archive please click here. For the four latest issues of STAtOR, you can find the archive here.


NB1 To view the recent STAtOR archives you need to be logged in.

NB2 Apart from the Young Statisticians column, the default language in STAtOR is Dutch.





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room 610 Hans Freudenthal building (Budapestlaan 6, Utrecht).
28th of June 2016 - 28th of June 2016 | 11:15 Read more...

Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders

Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
20th of October 2016 - 21st of October 2016 Read more...

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